/e/OS and the (not)Android user interface

“BlissLaucher”, the default /e/OS launcher

/e/OS “Bliss Launcher”…

That’s the reason why we have started to developer Bliss Launcher from scratch at the begining of the project. And not surprisingly, though a few find it too far from the stock Android experience and will replace it by another launcher (it’s easy), it’s generally enjoyed by most /e/OS users.

/e/OS Bliss Launcher after installation
A classical over-cluttered Android top-bar
Work in progress screenshot

… and UI consistency

We’re going deeper in the user interface. One of the things that I wanted to improve in /e/OS is the user interface consistency (colors, widgets, …) in /e/OS default applications, like Calendar, Messages, Notes, etc.

Notes, Contacts and Calendar apps current look.
Notes, Contacts and Calendar, with better UI consistency.



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