• liv dunham

    liv dunham

  • Gabriela Dobrescu

    Gabriela Dobrescu

  • Paul Wratt

    Paul Wratt

  • Yilmaz


  • Gavin Cooke

    Gavin Cooke

    Man's man. Only read one autobiography: Nasser Hussain's 'Playing With Fire'.

  • Ludmilla Veloso

    Ludmilla Veloso

    A soul of an entrepreneur trapped in an entrepreneur body…lucky me! Growth is my first, middle and last name, even my Chinese name has a Growth mindset!

  • ALJ Randall

    ALJ Randall

    Forwarding justice, nonviolence, liberating learning…Writer, editor, composer, nana…We must all act with concern for others and the Earth we share…Last chance

  • Max Terry

    Max Terry

    Software Engineer in Maine

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